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A Registered Charity - Caring for Emotional Health
Counselling is a rapidly expanding professional membership organisation for counsellors and psychotherapists in the Britsh Isles. To date, we have established a network of 2700 affiliated CCC Registered Counsellors.

Since 1998 we have been building our membership whilst playing a key role in helping to link those on low incomes to our local counsellors who have opted to provide occasional cost-free or discounted face-to-face counselling. Nationwide our independent affiliates consists of 750 volunteers. The charity liases between clients on low incomes and counsellors or psychotherapists who are prepared to provide free services.

Membership of Counselling is free providing all the conditions of registration can be met. However, from November 12th, 2009, all new members, and those who renew their membership, will be expected to support the charity via a modest annual donation of £10. This donation will also entitle members to receive a high quality certificate of registration that will confirm affiliate membership of Counselling Ltd. Donations will also cover all admin, stationery and postage charges.

Counselling Relationship

The 'good will' relationship between Counselling and its Members has enabled us to expand our membership and meet our charitable goals, year on year. All our Registered Counsellors have agreed to work to the same Code of Conduct and, in case of complaint, are subject to an Independent Complaints Procedure.


All our Counsellors and Psychotherapists reside within the British Isles and they have some recognised level of counselling qualification. If you are a counsellor and can comply with our conditions for registration and agree to abide by our Counselling Code of Conduct you may register free of charge and help to support the charity's aims through your valued donation.

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